Glenfield Baptist Church was organized on August 15, 1890 as the Baptist Church of Christ at the Valley. Charter members included W. P. Hutchinson (pastor), Mr. W. H. Russell (church clerk), Mr. C. E. Russell, Mrs. J. A. Russell, Mr. Jacob Dansby, Mr. Jessie Treadaway, Mrs. M. E. Russell, Mrs. Bell Scott and M. M. Russell. For many years, the church met on Saturday afternoons and was served by Methodist circuit riders and Baptist preachers. In the early 1900’s, the Valley Church began to take shape and distinguish itself from the Methodist congregation. The first deacon, J. W. Tate, was elected in April 1891. Two more deacons, W. H. Jones and F. L. Dunnam, were selected the following year. In October 1901, the church voted to elect a committee to draft and solicit subscriptions for building a church house which would be separate from the Methodist. The church building was completed in 1905. The new church building allowed the congregation to worship on Sundays. The church became known as Valley Baptist Church of Christ at Glenfield. In 1908, the church again changed her name to Glenfield Baptist Church, which became the permanent name of the church.

Glenfield Baptist Church became a charter member of the Union County Baptist Association on September 30, 1919. J. C. Russell, O. N. Russell, I. M. Kitchens, Mrs. Elvie Kitchens and Mrs. Coma Neal attended the organizational meeting as messengers from the Glenfield congregation.

In 1940, the church embarked on another building program. The congregation sold the old church building, which was located across the Frisco railroad tracks from the present facilities, to the highest bidder and moved their services to the old Glenfield School until the new building was ready for worship services. On Sunday night, December 28th, the building that served as educational spaced until May 2003 was dedicated. The parsonage was built in 1947.

By the early 1960’s, the church had once again outgrown her facilities. The decision to build a new sanctuary was made in 1962 and the construction began in the spring of 1963. The building, which serves as the current auditorium, was completed in 1964. Bro. R. J. Wilemon, the pastor at the time, presented the church with a new organ. Glenfield would see two more building projects. In 1975, the twenty-eight pastorium was replaced. Then, on the Saturday before Easter Sunday of 1984, a tornado almost destroyed the church’s auditorium. The congregation rebuilt quickly, remodeling the facilities in the process of enlarging the fellowship hall.

Once again, in 2003, the church outgrew her facilities, the original auditorium was torn down and a new Family Life Building was built. The Family Life Center is the home of the Sunday School Classes, Children’s Church, the new kitchen, and a 3/4 court gymnasium / fellowship hall.

In 2004, the old fellowship hall was enclosed to provide a new nursery which allows about three times the space as the old nursery, a large Sunday School Class (which also serves as the Ladies Bible Study meeting place) and two more Sunday School rooms which house our Senior Adult Classes. This will allow the auditorium to be expanded in the future to help seat the growing numbers. Praise the Lord for what He is doing!

In 2012, our most recent building project was completed by adding a stage and ten more educational rooms to our multipurpose building. These additional educational rooms are being used for Choir, Sunday School, Discipleship Training, and Awana classrooms.